Driving Digital Experience in a Digital Age

I was delighted to sit down and discuss Digital Transformation with Kim Massana, Global Head of Customer Experience at Thomson Reuters, at Salesforce’s annual customer conference, Dreamforce, on November 8th, 2017. The overall theme of the conference was to discover a whole world of innovation that will transform customer success and we called our breakout session Driving Customer Experience in a Digital Age.


I started us off with some context on how difficult it is to drive successful digital transformations. We talked about the Salesforce definition of a customer company and how Thomson Reuters is a real trailblazer customer company. A customer of Salesforce for many years, Thomson Reuters is truly Led by higher purpose; Obsessed with Customer Success; and Scaled by flow.

With the context complete we dived into the real story of the day and talked about seven key methods to the successful acceleration we’ve seen:

  • Foundational Investments
  • Customer at the center
  • One brand, responsive, user experience
  • Working in Partnership
  • Agile ways of working
  • Innovation, Experimentation, Digital Studio
  • Managed Change — Customer and business readiness

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