Creativity and Fear

A recurring theme in my life and work is how can we be more innovative and more secure? The huge challenges and opportunities of our world today need us to be creative but also to manage our fears. Often we treat Creativity and Fear as mutually exclusive: “I love that picture son, now let’s get those … More Creativity and Fear

Learning for tomorrow

I love solving complex problems and building great teams. To do so I need to be: continually learning new things; testing my old ideas; looking for diverse talent who are infinite learners; and spending lots of time helping the teams I work with learn. Salesforce’s own research is suggesting the pace of change in The … More Learning for tomorrow

Hope & Choice

I believe that we are here to serve others, starting with just one other person. To do so, of course, we need to look after ourselves, but if we become too self focused then humanity doesn’t win and neither does the individual. On the tough days – when I let the problems in my day, … More Hope & Choice


Back in 2016 I wrote about Equality and focused on a #pledgeforparity. Back then I focused on: Building supportive environments and work to eliminate conscious and unconscious bias; Building a stronger pipeline of female talent; Greater flexibility of roles and working patterns. Now at Salesforce, I am delighted that Equality is a core value and … More Equality


We all experience adversity and the need for change throughout our lives. Some days everything seems against us, other days maybe a few things disrupt our flow, rare days are those when everything we try works out. To get through adverse situations, to make change transformational, we must show grit, be resilient, and strive to … More Resilience

Increasing adoption using human-centered design

This new e-book explores the most common adoption-related problems from Salesforce’s customers, and the user-centric approaches Salesforce uses to partner with IT leaders to quickly get to the root cause and find the right solution. Have you ever tried a new product and thought to yourself “clearly the person who designed this has never done … More Increasing adoption using human-centered design

Happy New Year!

LET’S REMEMBER THE FRAGILITY OF OUR HOME AND WORK WITH FAITH THAT THE NEW YEAR WILL BE EVEN BETTER THAN THE OLD In 2019 let us all …Jump inReview what we have learned and how we knowAsk the questions others won’t or don’t know to askDo the things others can’t or won’t do Step up … More Happy New Year!