Driving Digital Experience in a Digital Age

I was delighted to sit down and discuss Digital Transformation with Kim Massana, Global Head of Customer Experience at Thomson Reuters, at Salesforce’s annual customer conference, Dreamforce, on November 8th, 2017. The overall theme of the conference was to discover a whole world of innovation that will transform customer success and we called our breakout … More Driving Digital Experience in a Digital Age

Jumping in the middle

— originally posted on Salesforce Blog Digital Transformation is becoming increasingly critical for companies to create new business models and customer experiences, capitalize on market and increase of innovation and execution. of digital transformation projects fail, however, because they often feature constantly shifting targets, and increasingly complex scope and stakeholder groups as the project. As … More Jumping in the middle

Breaking the Equilibrium

Breaking the Equilibrium I’ve just finished reading “Getting Beyond Better… how Social Entrepreneurship works” by Roger L. Martin and Sally R. Osberg. It’s a great read and an important one whether you’re a social entrepreneur or in “normal” business. One section in the introduction really resonated with me and I thought worth sharing here as … More Breaking the Equilibrium

Grit and Resilience

We all experience adversity and the need for change throughout our lives. Some days everything seems against us, other days maybe a few things disrupt our flow, rare days are those when everything we try works out. To get through adverse situations, to make change transformational, we must show grit, be resilient, and strive to … More Grit and Resilience

Digital Transformation and the importance of iteration

Reading the press, reviewing social media, and even in work presentations, it is easy to think that there is no continuum between incredible success and downright failure. Our pictures can be airbrushed, “facts” are single sourced to use on one side of the argument, snap polls are treated as gospel, and the distance between jealousy … More Digital Transformation and the importance of iteration

8 ideas for customer centric transformation

In Sept 2015 I spent a bunch of time reflecting on Wood Mackenzie’s customer led transformation and then presenting at Dreamforce15 (slides here) on what it takes to transform. I posted on Twitter a short comment on eight key thoughts. Here’s the summary of them: Transformation starts with clear ambition and a brave review of … More 8 ideas for customer centric transformation