Creativity and Fear

A recurring theme in my life and work is how can we be more innovative and more secure? The huge challenges and opportunities of our world today need us to be creative but also to manage our fears. Often we treat Creativity and Fear as mutually exclusive: “I love that picture son, now let’s get those … More Creativity and Fear

Learning for tomorrow

I love solving complex problems and building great teams. To do so I need to be: continually learning new things; testing my old ideas; looking for diverse talent who are infinite learners; and spending lots of time helping the teams I work with learn. Salesforce’s own research is suggesting the pace of change in The … More Learning for tomorrow

Moral Compass

There’s a lot of talk and things written about the rights and wrongs of our world at the moment. No one can stand by an argument saying everything is going swimmingly but its the tone of the arguments I am most confused by. We seem to have left logic and reason behind and in some … More Moral Compass